Thursday, November 19, 2009


If you’re given a beautiful Blonde Chicago escort as a gift, what’s the first thing you’ll do to her? Would you hug her, kiss her, or just take her to the fanciest restaurant in town? Well, these are just some of the things that you can do with an Exclusive Blonde Chicago escort. The other things are left for you and your wild imagination.
So take home your prize. The escorts in Chicago are willing to do anything naughty with you. The name of their game is fun and adventure. So if you have anything exciting in mind, say it. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to be with lovely ladies who can do more than just give you an hour’s worth of erotic massage.
Sensual Sessions with Blonde Chicago Escorts
Let the Chicago female escorts take you to ecstasy. These girls have the means to deliver the quality and fun that you want. Imagine a goddess with all the powers to make your sensual wishes come true. That is exactly what these ladies are really for. They are the source of ultimate fun in Chicago. If you’re in the area for fun and adventure, why should you settle for anything less?
Your sensual session starts at the minute the Chicago escort girls arrive. One smile from these girls and your heart will melt. What would happen next if you end up being alone in a room with these lovely ladies? You surely would have your heart’s worth of fun and adventure. So get yourself ready for the erotic powers of these ladies.
The Chicago escorts can do private erotic dance numbers for you, from lap dancing to strip tease. It is going to be an ultimate joy ride for sure. The meeting would be something that you will treasure in your heart for a long time.
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So choose what you want. Would you like to experience erotic dancing pleasure or would you rather go really intimate with these eye candy female escorts? Anything is possible. This is how accommodating the girls can really be.
Contact the Chicago escort agency today and request for the girl whom your heart desires the most. Check out her photos. Scan her profile. And read her reviews. Slowly but surely, you will find Chicago Exclusive escorts who perfectly fits your requirement in women and having fun.
Always be sure that the Chicago escort agency that you’re dealing with is a reputable one. If you do, there’s a guarantee that the photos of the girls uploaded on their site are authentic and that their profiles are real. You will meet the girl that you saw in the web and no one else posing as her. Honesty is still the best policy in this industry.
Go ahead and indulge. The girls would like you to experience what the Chicago escorts can really do for you. You won’t walk away from the meeting half satisfied. You’ll definitely feel like the king of the world, the strongest man on earth, and the most satisfied individual in town.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


How To Choose The Right Chicago Escort Agency

Choosing the right escort agency in Chicago can be quite tricky and overwhelming. Here are some pointers to look at when deciding which agency to go with.

Professionalism: You can sense whether the agency is professional the moment you pick up the phone and speak with the operator. She/he should be well spoken, friendly, and helpful in choosing the right girl for you. Professionalism is key since you are asking for such an intimate service, you want to make sure you get the right escort and that their service runs smoothly. There are many escort agencies in Chicago that are so money hungry they lack in servicing their clients well. They can either send out the wrong girl and there is no connection at all, the girl doesn’t show up or arrive very late, or miscommunication between parties which then can ruin the desire of having that special companionship.

$$$: In this type of industry, the old saying is true: You get what you pay for! If you are looking for the perfect 10 escort, be it a beautiful busty escort, blonde escort, brunette escort or European escort, who can pamper you and cater to your every desire, one who is intelligent, classy, and adventurous in bed, then you better be prepared to spend some $$! These types of girls are not cheap and will not waste their time on a bargain hunter. In most cases, agencies that are extremely cheap ($200 or less) usually lack many important qualities men want in their escorts, be it their appearance, manners, friendliness, and the intimacy itself. You might as well do the job yourself. Be aware and take note that if you are willing to pay for a night with an attractive lady who can give you a mind blowing rendezvous, you might as well get what you pay for! Other wise, you have just paid for a lady who just left you feeling more unsatisfied to begin with.

Website (Pictures): Since attraction is an important factor in this field, an agency that has their own website with pictures of their girls can be extremely helpful. Beware of escort agencies in Chicago that post stock photos up for their girls leading the client to believe he is meeting the girl on the picture. Some agencies like Chicago Exclusive Escorts posts real pictures of their escorts and they even have a mini description of each escorts persona, which can be quite useful in looking for a great and intimate connection.

Discretion: For those who prefer to be discreet, choosing the right agency is important. Chicago escort agencies who are very experienced in this field train their ladies in knowing how to handle payments, meeting in public venues (hotels, parties, etc,) dressing in proper attire, and knowing what/what not to say, etc. Make sure the ladies are well educated and know how to adapt to any social setting. The operator should know all their girls well and should be able pick out the perfect girl for you as long as you tell her what you want.

Agencies vs. Independent Escorts: Agencies tend to be more professional than that of an independent escort. Agencies have a variety of different girls and handle each appointment with great care making sure that everything runs smoothly. They have trained operators who are quite knowledgeable on choosing and reserving the right escort and can be helpful with any transactions. The agencies usually have their girls set up a schedule so the clients will know when they will be available. The agency usually charges the girl a fee if she fails to show up. Independent escorts have no rules to abide by but their own. Phones may not be answered or the girl will fail to show up. Inconsistency and unprofessionalism is definitely a risk when hiring an independent escort.

I truly hope this information was helpful. Even if you don’t choose Chicago Exclusive Escorts as your gateway to ecstasy, please take caution when choosing the best agency that fits your style and exceeds your expectations.

Happy hunting!!